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First 100 Days Press Release

Second Debate Highlights “Agenda Gap” on Energy;
100 Organizations Present Energy Plan for “First 100 Days”

Agenda focuses on energy affordability, health, water, environment and climate change

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a heated exchange in the second presidential debate, the focus was on who would do the most for the coal industry and who would drill even more for oil and gas on public land. In stark contrast to this discussion, 100 grassroots organizations with 1.7 million members nationwide today issued a “First 100 Days” clean energy agenda for the next President of the United States. The American Clean Energy Agenda focuses on reducing our reliance on coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power, and supporting rapid expansion of renewable energy.

The full text of the agenda and the list of the 100 groups endorsing it so far are available online at http://acea.wpengine.com. The first-100-days clean energy agenda is an outgrowth of the American Clean Energy Agenda project, which was unveiled in June 2012 and initially supported by 36 U.S. citizen organizations with more than 1.1 million members nationwide.

CSI President Pam Solo said: “In poll after poll that we’ve conducted, it’s clear the public supports a truly clean energy future. The public favors energy sources that are not water intensive and do not pose health risks or require unending subsidies from public funds. They understand that it cannot happen overnight and that it will only happen when serious policy making replaces public posturing. The American Clean Energy Agenda is a call for decisive leadership toward a truly clean energy future.”

Heather White, chief of staff, Environmental Working Group, said: “It’s not the country that’s on the wrong track, it’s the debate over our energy future. We’ve heard a lot of talk about a gender gap, but Tuesday night in Hempstead we saw an ‘agenda gap’ on energy policy. No matter who is elected President, Americans want a clean energy path that protects their communities’ health and safety, conserves and protects their water resources and is affordable and reliable. The next President must act quickly to get us there in the first 100 days of his Administration.”

The first-100-days clean energy agenda calls on the next U.S. President to:

A related April 25, 2012 ORC International survey conducted for CSI is available online at http://www.civilsocietyinstitute.org/media/042512release.cfm. That survey found:

About the Groups

Based in Newton, MA, the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute (http://www.CivilSocietyInstitute.org) is a think tank that serves as a catalyst for change by creating problem-solving interactions among people, and between communities, government and business that can help to improve society. Since 2003, CSI has conducted more than 25 major national and state-level surveys and reports on energy and auto issues, including vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, consumer demand for hybrids/other highly-fuel efficient vehicles, global warming and renewable energy. In addition to being a co-convener of TheCLEAN.org (http://www.TheClean.org), the Civil Society Institute also is the parent organization of the Hybrid Owners of America (http://www.HybridOwnersofAmerica.org).

EWG is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, D.C. that uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment. http://www.ewg.org.

Note: The sponsors of the American Clean Energy Agenda initiative do not endorse or intend to endorse any candidate for office. The release of the “100 Days” report is intended to provide information to the public on what constitutes an effective problem-solving energy policy.


Ailis Aaron Wolf, for CSI, at (703) 276-3265 or aawolf@hastingsgroup.com; and Alex Formuzis, for EWG, at 202-667-6982 or alex@ewg.org.

1.7 million Americans are saying today that it is critically important that the next President embrace a truly clean energy revolution for electric power generation.